Our incoming order volume is still growing, and we’re still seeing long fulfillment and shipping delays from our suppliers and industry-wide. Even with all the steps being taken, it’ll take time and patience to bring order fulfillment times back to normal.

Our hubs in NC and LA are operational and we’re working on safely increasing our output. The EU and MX branches are operating as normal while following each country’s public health guidelines.

We’re working hard to safely increase our capacity and we’ve made good progress in the last month. Our suppliers are hiring and training new employees in fulfillment and investing in more printing tech. As of now, we’re working with 9 backup facilities in the US, Europe, and Australia, and we’re looking for more options.

Shipping is also still taking longer than usual depending on where your orders are shipping to. The positive news is that some airlines are starting to ease restrictions on flights, which means that we’ll be able to ship orders more frequently.

Our support team is doing their best to keep up with increased customer questions and orders. Our average email response time is currently 2–3 days, and we’re not available on the phone.

Latest update

June 8, 2020

Please stay up to date with the latest estimates listed below. You’ll see that shirts and hats are still taking the longest. Please be fully aware of these delay estimates when placing your order. We recommend non-apparel stuff, which can be fulfilled in under 4 business days

We’ll continue posting updates as they come; thanks for your patience and for reading.

Be prepared for delays

Order fulfillment times will be longer than usual for some product categories. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we’re seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

Estimates are current as of June 8, 2020.

Fulfillment estimate

Fast fulfillment time

Average fulfillment time

Slow fulfillment time

Shirts23-28 business days5-8 business days
Hats16-20 business days7-10 business days
Phone Cases2-4 business days2-4 business days
Posters8-12 business days1-2 business days
Framed Posters3-7 business days1-3 business days
Stickers13-18 business days2-4 business days
Mugs10-13 business days1-3 business days